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It was an honor to receive the mantle of leadership of this premier professional body of India as its 31st President, in its Diamond Jubilee Year. I wish to extend my regards to all my fellow members in MEAI who worked shoulder to shoulder with me during the last 20 years of my journey in this organization and appreciate their efforts and thoughts that helped in taking the Association to ever higher levels.

Several milestones were achieved during our Immediate Past President Mr T. Victor’s successful tenure of 2015-17, by signing MoU with CRIRSCO and MoU with SME; organizing CRIRSCO International Meet at Jaipur, International Seminars at Jodhpur, Jaipur and Ahmedabad; construction of excellent Mining Welfare Centre at Jaipur, and installation of new Chapter at Dhanbad etc. and the Association attained global recognition. I wish him success in his future endeavors and enlist his continued support.

I welcome Mr P Ranganatheeswar, former Dy Director General Mines Safety as our new Secretary General and congratulate the outgoing Secretary General Mr K Venkateswara Rao for his exceptional administration skills and management of MEAI activities for the past 4 years. I congratulate Dr H Sarvothaman, Editor of MEJ for last more than 4 years, for improving Mining Engineers' Journal quality to international standards and welcome Dr PV Rao as New Editor of MEJ. We are indeed proud to have such gifted and devoted members in our ranks who have taken MEAI to new heights.
 Our slogan for the term 2017–19 will be "Better Mining through Better Learning" – in sync with the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Skill Development Initiative.

Our Association has been built on a strong leadership foundation, and I am fortunate to have a membership that is fully committed to the MEAI ideal of Nation First. We shall continue to walk the extra mile in building the Association and carry out the many worthwhile projects that we may undertake for the benefit of our community. We shall also be taking up various programs that befittingly celebrate the 60 years of MEAI in the service of the Nation.

On a serious note, it is my duty to make you conscious of the necessity of complying with the provisions of the constitution of MEAI. The Association is plagued with the serious issues of non-compliance by some of its Chapters in areas such as holding regular elections, submission of audited accounts, apportioning of Head Quarter’s share of revenue etc. With the onset of GST regime from July 1, 2017, unbearable penalties will be levied for negligence. Hence, the National Head Quarters (NHQ) of MEAI has decided upon implementing strict compliance policy with clear deadlines for smooth and legally acceptable functioning of the whole of MEAI.
For long-term financial prudence, we shall march towards building a further corpus of Rs 2 Crore or more for the dayto-day functioning of NHQ and publishing MEJ. Towards this end, I humbly donated Rs. One Lakh as contribution from my end. I hereby call upon all the members to generously donate both as personal as well as secure donations from the esteemed organizations that you hail from for the welfare of MEAI members all over India.

During 2017-19, we will also be working towards increasing the Life-members from 5000 to 7500 and Life-institutional members from 70 to 200. In furthering the objectives of MEAI, we shall give facelift to our NHQ premises for effective functioning. Chapters that are not able to function well due to financial or other constraints shall be given support and special attention to overcome their problems.

The trust you have placed in me is significant, and I pledge my absolute commitment to our Association’s success. With the help and support of my Council and all the members, I will do my best to chart the course and meet the challenges.

Jai Hind.


Arun Kumar Kothari





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